Toxicity of the day 16.05.2021

Was playing Dead by Daylight normally without tunneling anyone or anything that the player base considers to be toxic or against their made up rules.

During the end game when only two players were alive I started a chase while the other player was hooked. I followed them to the hook, they unhooked the player. After which the freshly unhooked player started running into me and blocking me so I couldn’t chase the other player that I was chasing previously.

When I downed that player I started looking for the other one again, without seeing them anywhere so I hooked that player again who was downed. I am guessing this is the part that I got accused of tunneling.

Tunneling term in this context and game means focusing on one survivor out of 4 giving them no chance of escaping or time to work on other objectives besides evading the killer. This is a player made up rule and isn’t against the game official rules found here.

Got maximum score for killer in this particular match, which requires you to give chance to survivors rather than tunneling

And I also got a profile comment which went even further with the insults, which also is a player made up rule for this game. If you lose you must write an angry profile comment to the winner.

Player name: Heisenberg

Steam profile permanent link:

Just stop doing this to others, online or offline. Please.

Toxicity of the day 07.03.2021

Well this is a weird one, not sure how start with this because it’s also a repeat from 4 years ago.

Old case of this person can be reviewed below.

Dead by Daylight bug abuser

And as background information to this new case we have not met in any lobbies or games since this. Nor have we chatted at all in Steam despite him adding me as a friend 4 years ago. Guessing that he added me only to send the Steam group invite which could of been done without being friends as well but he didn’t seem to know that.

He apparently was clearing his friend list and possibly leaving good bye comments to the profiles that he deleted because he was no longer on my friend list after leaving this profile comment to my Steam profile page.

I deleted that comment because that is blatant lie and he also blocked me on Steam in fear of retaliation on my part which I am obviously not going to do.

The nickname was set by me to remember who he was at the time they added on me on Steam and also contains reason why, the video URL.

Player name: Daminionz

Steam profile permanent link:

Just stop doing this to others, online or offline. Please.

Toxicity of the day 18.02.2021

This what you unfortunately have to be exposed to when playing multiplayer video games online if you leave the chat ability turned on and only is one example of many.

Options for text and voice chat

Player name: Yacine7koop

Unable to link to profile page since EpicGames Launcher doesn’t have this feature.

Just stop doing this to others, online or offline. Please.

Toxicity of the day 07.09.2020

Was playing Dead by Daylight and after the game had ended someone tried to blame it on the team that he died. When no one reacted they possible thought that we either had chat disabled or left the game.

So to get that message 100% heard they turned to Steam profile commenting.

First, the game is intended to play as survive at all costs without hinting towards playing as a team. So that isn’t even required part to this game.

Second, it’s not particularly competitive game either, even if it does feature an online ranking. Which is in the process of being hidden from other players and made meaningless through other pending updates. Even thought it already is meaningless since it only represents how much of the game you play monthly.

Player name: 3,93€

Steam profile permanent link:

Just stop doing this to others, online or offline. Please.

Toxicity of the day 24.08.2020

Was playing Dead by Daylight and someone who I was in the same game with added me on Steam. After I accepted the invite they only sent me one message and deleted me right away after that.

All I did in that game was to kill the survivors while slightly giving them more chances of escaping by not “tryharding”, whatever that word means..

Someone did disconnect very early on from the game, I didn’t see, chase, hit or hook the person who disconnected.

Often when someone disconnects early on the game tends to lean towards farming points which I find very boring and time consuming, usually giving less bloodpoints compared to normal games also due to lack of chases.

I do sometimes farm if I have already played a lot of games previously but if I start farming right at the start of my play session it usually kills my flow and I don’t have any will to continue playing for much longer.

And in this case it was early in my session so.. Didn’t farm.

My will to farm bloodpoints on disconnects has been going down a lot because people disconnect when they are losing making the game often a free win for the killer. I don’t want a free win or to farm, I just want to play the game. Stop disconnecting on purpose and just take the loss.

The person who sent me that message on Steam has played this game for a lot of hours, surely you can accept a loss by now? Just calm down, it’s only a game.

Screenshot showing the play hours of the person. Note that the profile page is only visible to friends and I had opened it before he deleted me from his friends.

Player name: jeremy

Steam profile permanent link:

Just stop doing this to others, online or offline. Please.