Toxicity of the day 16.05.2021

Was playing Dead by Daylight normally without tunneling anyone or anything that the player base considers to be toxic or against their made up rules.

During the end game when only two players were alive I started a chase while the other player was hooked. I followed them to the hook, they unhooked the player. After which the freshly unhooked player started running into me and blocking me so I couldn’t chase the other player that I was chasing previously.

When I downed that player I started looking for the other one again, without seeing them anywhere so I hooked that player again who was downed. I am guessing this is the part that I got accused of tunneling.

Tunneling term in this context and game means focusing on one survivor out of 4 giving them no chance of escaping or time to work on other objectives besides evading the killer. This is a player made up rule and isn’t against the game official rules found here.

Got maximum score for killer in this particular match, which requires you to give chance to survivors rather than tunneling

And I also got a profile comment which went even further with the insults, which also is a player made up rule for this game. If you lose you must write an angry profile comment to the winner.

Player name: Heisenberg

Steam profile permanent link:

Just stop doing this to others, online or offline. Please.

Toxicity of the day 07.03.2021

Well this is a weird one, not sure how start with this because it’s also a repeat from 4 years ago.

Old case of this person can be reviewed below.

Dead by Daylight bug abuser

And as background information to this new case we have not met in any lobbies or games since this. Nor have we chatted at all in Steam despite him adding me as a friend 4 years ago. Guessing that he added me only to send the Steam group invite which could of been done without being friends as well but he didn’t seem to know that.

He apparently was clearing his friend list and possibly leaving good bye comments to the profiles that he deleted because he was no longer on my friend list after leaving this profile comment to my Steam profile page.

I deleted that comment because that is blatant lie and he also blocked me on Steam in fear of retaliation on my part which I am obviously not going to do.

The nickname was set by me to remember who he was at the time they added on me on Steam and also contains reason why, the video URL.

Player name: Daminionz

Steam profile permanent link:

Just stop doing this to others, online or offline. Please.

Toxicity of the day 18.02.2021

This what you unfortunately have to be exposed to when playing multiplayer video games online if you leave the chat ability turned on and only is one example of many.

Options for text and voice chat

Player name: Yacine7koop

Unable to link to profile page since EpicGames Launcher doesn’t have this feature.

Just stop doing this to others, online or offline. Please.

Asus TUF X570-Plus UEFI vs Nvidia GPU

Upgraded partially to a new PC build in hopes of getting a Nvidia RTX 3080 which.. I am still waiting as you might have guessed if you have even remotely followed the release of it.

When I had everything in place the Windows install process was delayed by at least 30 minutes while I tried to figure out why the motherboard LED reported an issue with VGA, meaning my graphics card of Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 WINDFORCE OC 8GB.

Because of that I wasn’t unable to enter BIOS / UEFI to add Windows install media USB stick to boot menu. And trying to just boot to USB automatically without setting a boot option didn’t work either. Both of those just caused GPU hang and a black screen, with VGA faulty light on the motherboard.

I attempted to fix it by plugging in HDMI and DVI cables to use another monitor but I never actually unplugged Displayport cable. Which turns out was the cause after all and waste of time.

After unplugging my graphics card and re-seating it back to the motherboard I managed to go to get to Windows install screen but without access to BIOS / UEFI even after the install was done. All attempts to access that just caused a black screen, and then Windows logon screen.

I tried searching for information about that issue and only managed to find this, And that didn’t provide any additional information to me but shows the issue I was having quite clearly.

So I ended up asking Asus support about that via email. But before I received a reply I found the solution to the issue from here!. Which indicates that the issue is only for Nvidia GeForce 700, 900, 10 and apparently 20 series of which 20 series isn’t listed on the firmware upgrade page, at least yet. Cannot confirm or deny if the issue is present on 30 series cards because haven’t been able to purchase one as of writing this. And the issue is that the newer Displayport 1.3 and 1.4 wont work out of the box with this particular motherboard.

After performing the fix listed in the Asus forum the issue was fully resolved and I could enter BIOS / UEFI.

And the issue itself makes me wonder why is that firmware update so well hidden by Nvidia and not included in other update packages. For example I update graphics drivers very often and just a month prior to ordering new parts for this build I had updated the firmware with an update package from Gigabyte whos graphics card I am using currently.

Almost got a 3080 on the launch day

I am in the same boat as 98% others who wanted to buy Nvidia RTX 3080. Didn’t get one on the launch day.

Around 15 minutes before sale start the site already reported that it was out of stock, then went to different wording saying the same thing of being out of stock. And then almost two hours after sale was supposed to start I managed to add one in cart.

I got all the way to billing information step until the site crashed giving out HTTP errors 503 and 504.

After the errors 503 and 504 when the site recovered it brought me back to cart and said my cart was empty. I tried going back to main Nvidia site but it said out of stock so couldn’t add one to my cart. Then I tried using the back button on my browser but it kept bringing me back to the empty cart.

I wish the store would reserve the products in cart in case the site crashes, makes me feel robbed that I actually had one in cart and still didn’t manage to get it.

The worst thing in all of this was that I decided to purchase the founders edition and only Nvidia store sells it.

The other retailers in Finland started selling the card a whole hour before Nvidia. And those sold out in 10 minutes anyway.

Nvidia store restocks on the founders edition cards on Monday 21.09.2020, hopefully I have better luck then. But even with luck the estimated time previous stock sold out was just 30 seconds or less.