Was playing Dead by Daylight normally without tunneling anyone or anything that the player base considers to be toxic or against their made up rules.

During the end game when only two players were alive I started a chase while the other player was hooked. I followed them to the hook, they unhooked the player. After which the freshly unhooked player started running into me and blocking me so I couldn’t chase the other player that I was chasing previously.

When I downed that player I started looking for the other one again, without seeing them anywhere so I hooked that player again who was downed. I am guessing this is the part that I got accused of tunneling.

Tunneling term in this context and game means focusing on one survivor out of 4 giving them no chance of escaping or time to work on other objectives besides evading the killer. This is a player made up rule and isn’t against the game official rules found here.

Got maximum score for killer in this particular match, which requires you to give chance to survivors rather than tunneling

And I also got a profile comment which went even further with the insults, which also is a player made up rule for this game. If you lose you must write an angry profile comment to the winner.

Player name: Heisenberg

Steam profile permanent link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198008202646

Just stop doing this to others, online or offline. Please.