Well this is a weird one, not sure how start with this because it’s also a repeat from 4 years ago.

Old case of this person can be reviewed below.

Dead by Daylight bug abuser

And as background information to this new case we have not met in any lobbies or games since this. Nor have we chatted at all in Steam despite him adding me as a friend 4 years ago. Guessing that he added me only to send the Steam group invite which could of been done without being friends as well but he didn’t seem to know that.

He apparently was clearing his friend list and possibly leaving good bye comments to the profiles that he deleted because he was no longer on my friend list after leaving this profile comment to my Steam profile page.

I deleted that comment because that is blatant lie and he also blocked me on Steam in fear of retaliation on my part which I am obviously not going to do.

The nickname was set by me to remember who he was at the time they added on me on Steam and also contains reason why, the video URL.

Player name: Daminionz

Steam profile permanent link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198074913648

Just stop doing this to others, online or offline. Please.