Was playing Dead by Daylight and after the game had ended someone tried to blame it on the team that he died. When no one reacted they possible thought that we either had chat disabled or left the game.

So to get that message 100% heard they turned to Steam profile commenting.

First, the game is intended to play as survive at all costs without hinting towards playing as a team. So that isn’t even required part to this game.

Second, it’s not particularly competitive game either, even if it does feature an online ranking. Which is in the process of being hidden from other players and made meaningless through other pending updates. Even thought it already is meaningless since it only represents how much of the game you play monthly.

Player name: 3,93€

Steam profile permanent link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198310187735

Just stop doing this to others, online or offline. Please.