Yesterday when I went to sleep and turned off the headset I was wondering why the LEDs kept glowing red for a while (didn’t keep staring at them until they turned off so I don’t know for how long they did that) and then the next morning when I woke up I could not turn on the headset fully. Logitech Gaming Software said I had turned them on but I couldn’t hear anything if I turned on Internet radio or another audio source.

So I did a quick Google search and found this.
Then I tried the hardware reset by installing the firmware again and instead of G933Update_v25.exe /FORCE command I had to use G933Update_v27.exe /FORCE because it was the only file I could find inside the folder where it wanted me to run the command in. But it did indeed work and now I can use the headset yet again.

This was the first problem I have had with this Logitech G933 product since I got them to replace my broken Logitech G930 back in March 2017.