Getting blocked for no reason

This seems to happen often to me so I figured I’ll start uploading a video of them from now on..

I haven’t seen the player 76561198133786960 before and for no reason they just blocked me in for minutes and then didn’t save me or anyone else from the hook during rest of the game.

Steam link filter and spam

Steam is over run with spam, scam and other link sharing. Users have links on profile name, bio, comments, guides, screenshots and everything else where user content is allowed.

Valve is trying to fix the problem with their link filter which can block out dangerous links and warn about suspicious links, sometimes even about safe links. Only very few trusted links can opened directly without ending up on the warning page before you may open the link.

But it also can cause a lot of headache when they block too much.

For example now for the past week and a half all .pro domains have been blocked across the whole Steam platform. First week or so it was blocked everywhere. Now it’s only blocked in Steam messages, Steam profile page bios (not including group bios) and profile comments. Which means I cannot have the link to my (this) website on my Steam profile bio text and I cannot link anyone to any page on my website via Steam message.

This is not the first time they have blocked a whole top-level domain. Previously nearly all .ru domains were filtered in November-December 2016 because of a promotion and/or discount on .ru domains leading to massive amount of spam, scam etc in Steam platform.

I have not personally seen any .pro domain scamming or spamming in Steam but still, I have to suffer from it too.

At the moment I am “bypassing” the block by using my another domain on .net tld to redirect here in my bio and profile comments.

Dead by Daylight in-game reporting is broken

At this moment it seems that reporting in-game on Dead by Daylight is broken.

If you need to report someone for rule breaking (not because they killed you or teabagged you) you need to use The Player Report Form.

And no, there isn’t any notice anywhere about the in-game reporting being broken. There are no forum thread(s) or notice(s) in-game. And it would be nice if there were some notice about this somewhere!

The only source I can find for this is here,

Are you trolling me?

No, you need go back to school and learn English to understand what I am saying to you..

Link to the person’s profile page, 76561198301856664.

How to have a conversation in Dead by Daylight
  • Insult the other person
  • Tell them you insulted them because of a bug what they have no control over
  • If they answer anything to you ask if they are trolling you
  • Leave and stop the conversation with that person

There is a well known bug in the Dead by Daylight, well maybe not that known after all?

Anyways the bug is that if only 3 out of the 4 survivors make into the game from the lobby sometimes the game can randomly show that you must finish 5 generators for the exit gates to become powered for some but not all survivors in that one game. After finishing one generator however the number changes from 5 to 3 skipping the number 4. So in reality you only have to finish 4 generators instead of the full amount of 5, because you are missing one survivor from the game.

Seems like the bug still isn’t fixed, I filed a bug report myself about this bug back in 7 Nov, 2017 @ 5:36pm. The bug report can be found here.

Some kind of error

Thank you for being very specific about the error what happened.

But we all know anyway this was due to Steam winter sale..

That is not allowed, don’t use those!

Games.. Those things where you get angry over small things.

It’s funny how most of the online games have items, weapons or tactics you are “not allowed” to use. For example CoD has “noobtube”, CS has awp or even autosniper and DbD has mori and too many blink addons for the nurse.

And of course someone got angry about me using those “disallowed” items.. Wintor, even went as far as messaging me on my Twitch stream and adding me on Steam after I didn’t reply.

He had the time and effort to ask me on Twitch and Steam.. But not in-game, which is weird. So I had the time and effort to make this blog post in return.