The f*** you list of weird people

This is a list of people who go around the Internet insulting everyone for no reason at all. This also is a reminder that the Internet is forever, good luck to you all in the future (unless you simply create a new account). I do not list everyone here, just those I feel like listing..

All Steam profiles listed here are permanent links which cannot be changed like custom URLs can be changed within Steam.
Click on the profile URL to open more information about the user and the offense, such as screenshots, videos, text etc.

Steam Profile:
Comment: The killer was chasing another person off a generator ~10m behind the hook and I though I had time to rescue, possibly take a hit and make sure the victim got safely away but the killer was too close and downed both me and the hooked survivor (Bubba’s chainsaw), so yeah.. Everyone makes mistakes, no point in blaming and calling the person who made one small mistake..