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Current issues/bugs with the game v. 1.8.0a

Needs to be fixed

  • Sometimes when you unhook a survivor they will fall through the ground and game thinks they are still hooked displaying the hook and entity model as if someone is still there and when they get sacrificed they just die (below the map or on the map if they did not fall) and the game displays dead (mori) icon instead of sacrificed icon for that player. Still a bit unclear on this, more information needed..
  • Hook rescues post-exit (all generators repaired) don’t count towards daily ritual progress
  • Nea model is showing sometimes connected socks/ankles both model and aura
  • The Hag’s red stain is wiggling around the upper side of the model not staying in place and is very inconsistent height, wideness, placement


  • The save game file can reset itself and you will lose all your points, item and progress made. Guide how to back backup your profile | Causes include: weekly Steam maintenance (Tuesday 0:00-1:00 UTC), connection loss on client side, dynamic IP address change
  • Borrowed time can activate after you get hit on hook rescues making you enter the dying state and have borrowed time status icon shown to you if timed correctly by the killer, possibly caused by lag


  • Decisive Strike can be cancelled by the killer by timing their attack (mouse1) precisely right during the skillcheck window. Bug report on the forums, with video.
  • If a survivor disconnects (on purpose) while you pick them up you will carry them around forever until you get blinded or pallet stunned, and if you attack them after they have been freed from you the game will crash – VideoDetailed bug report on the forums
  • Sometimes you are unable to wiggle, recover, self heal, exit through the exit gates or “snap out of it”
  • Sometimes you don’t exit if you go through the exit gates
  • Achievements don’t count some actions correctly if more than one is required for the achievement

Never to be fixed issues/bugs

  • Slightly different and broken scracth marks since the engine update from 1.4.x to 1.5 game update (never to be fully fixed, improved and to be improved?)

Last updated November 6, 2017 17:00 UTC.

DbD player report form seems to work OK

Got a person who kept on jumping on top of this car and staying there to avoid me, moderately, eventually dying. You did not even need dead hard to get up here if you did it right and because I had chainsaw I could get up there as well but.. You still could use that spot to avoid the killer because you can just dodge the chainsaw without the need to jump down.

So I tried the newly made player report form and it seemed to work OK because I noticed that the person had uploaded a screenshot of the ban (24h) to their Steam community page.

Link to the image on Steam

Dead by Daylight disconnect bug isn’t ddos

There has been a long time bugs where you may disconnect randomly from the game even if your friends, or even from the same household stay connected in the game.

And you just get disconnected even if you don’t experience any lag. But.. Someone insisted I ddosed his friend off the game, better tactic would be just block the IP address with a firewall if you don’t want people in your games but I did neither. The person got disconnected due to bug(s) in the game.

Besides.. Ddos would kick him off Steam as well depending how big of a lag you would cause on the victims Internet connection and it’s very visible if you are getting ddosed by disconnecting Internet programs (Steam anyone?) and inability to use Internet, voice/text communication with friends.

So if you ever get disconnected but your friends stay in the game and there is nothing wrong with your Internet connection you lost connection to the killer due to bug in the game and not due to ddos.

And ddos is illegal, requires high upload speed or even multiple connections to use efficiently.

Dead by Daylight achievement cheating report

If you unlock, lock, modify or even touch the achievements in Dead by Daylight using a 3rd party tool you will eventually get banned by either the developers or Easy Anti-Cheat. And a lot of players go on witch hunts reporting everyone they even think to have modified their achievements to the developers.

So.. While browsing the forums I found this gem..

And when you go to the profile page of the one who started that thread, Sariko❤™ you will see that he/she has unlocked over half of the achievements at Unlocked 1 Nov @ 7:58pm – which of course is not possible without manually unlocking them with a 3rd party tool.

I guess he/she doesn’t know that the forums is a public place and you could of contacted the developers via email as well, where they cannot see your own achievements if you do it anonymously.

Lost progress

I lost Dead by Daylight progress for the first time two days ago. Thanks to my backup I got all my stuff back, however I still lost my online rank because that is stored server side and cannot be backed up.

If you want to backup your save file read this Steam guide. I use this script myself, The only thing I lost besides rank was 3 games worth of bloodpoints I had gained between the backup and loss of progress.

Pallet teabag and ragequit before first hook

Someone ran away from me, dropped a pallet and proceed to teabag me straight away but when I later found them and tried to hook they instantly ragequit. That would of been their first time on the hook too.


Full game at normal speed:

Dead by Daylight 1.5.3b patch problems


  • Adjusted matchmaking logic for Survivor to ignore ranks after waiting for more than 90 seconds (after 90 seconds of waiting, as a survivor, the game will attempt to join any lobby available)


That causes this to happen:

As if the matchmaking wasn’t broken enough as it was but now you get to play versus any rank without any kind of matchmaking which can cause either boredom or frustration depending on your online ranking and skills.

Auto blink

What a bad loser, 931 hours played too. Making up their own cheats for hack accusations.

DbD body blocking got me reported

I got reported for body blocking for 5 seconds because it’s unsportsmanlike, really?

Then how come survivors are allowed to body block the killer from hooking or the hillbilly can block until they have chainsaw all revved up?

PS. Yeah I know the Twitch and Discord overlays are in the way of the chat, I moved them after I noticed this and shouldn’t happen in the future.