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Current issues/bugs with the game v. 1.8.0a

Needs to be fixed

  • Sometimes when you unhook a survivor they will fall through the ground and game thinks they are still hooked displaying the hook and entity model as if someone is still there and when they get sacrificed they just die (below the map or on the map if they did not fall) and the game displays dead (mori) icon instead of sacrificed icon for that player. Still a bit unclear on this, more information needed..
  • Hook rescues post-exit (all generators repaired) don’t count towards daily ritual progress
  • Nea model is showing sometimes connected socks/ankles both model and aura
  • The Hag’s red stain is wiggling around the upper side of the model not staying in place and is very inconsistent height, wideness, placement


  • The save game file can reset itself and you will lose all your points, item and progress made. Guide how to back backup your profile | Causes include: weekly Steam maintenance (Tuesday 0:00-1:00 UTC), connection loss on client side, dynamic IP address change
  • Borrowed time can activate after you get hit on hook rescues making you enter the dying state and have borrowed time status icon shown to you if timed correctly by the killer, possibly caused by lag


  • Decisive Strike can be cancelled by the killer by timing their attack (mouse1) precisely right during the skillcheck window. Bug report on the forums, with video.
  • If a survivor disconnects (on purpose) while you pick them up you will carry them around forever until you get blinded or pallet stunned, and if you attack them after they have been freed from you the game will crash – VideoDetailed bug report on the forums
  • Sometimes you are unable to wiggle, recover, self heal, exit through the exit gates or “snap out of it”
  • Sometimes you don’t exit if you go through the exit gates
  • Achievements don’t count some actions correctly if more than one is required for the achievement

Never to be fixed issues/bugs

  • Slightly different and broken scracth marks since the engine update from 1.4.x to 1.5 game update (never to be fully fixed, improved and to be improved?)

Last updated November 6, 2017 17:00 UTC.


Extreme lag switching in Dead by Daylight

Profile: 76561198038810585.

As of now all reports must be submitted using the in-game report form, even if you want to submit screenshot or video evidence.

If you are streaming you can’t go to edit the video or else you would have to “pause” or quit streaming first, your audience will just get bored waiting for you to download archive video or find live recording, edit and upload that before continuing forward from the report screen.

If you aren’t streaming and aren’t recording video from each of your games you must first find the recording and start recording, possibly change settings if you haven’t touched the recorder in ages. That can even be too slow to get any evidence.

And not in all cases you have super fast Internet connection and powerful CPU+GPU to;

  • record screen in acceptable quality
  • edit the video (mostly cut out or speed up irrelevant/boring scenes)
  • upload the video to the Internet within the acceptable speed (less than 1 hour)

Then once you do have some evidence of the incident you must write something to the report which can be harder than it looks like. There is a character limit to it! You can’t explain the full game or incident in some cases if you wish to link to screenshot(s) or video(s), and if you have more than two links it could prove to be impossible to fit all that into the in-game report form.

All this because the reports are easier to use if all of them are in the same place. There used to be a Google web form for this with lots of space to write, guide how to obtain Steam ID and so on but console users can’t use that as efficiently as PC users. The game developers, BHVR, have said they are working on improving the report form back in May 3, 2018 but so far since then I personally haven’t seen anything to change with the in-game report form, other than;

  • not opening the profile page if you click the report button
  • showing you if the report was sent successfully (working icon)
  • not opening the report form twice in a row for one click
  • fixing other errors sending reports

Best DbD -rep so far

Dead by Daylight has monthly online ranking reset 13th day of each month. And this month I have moved into a new apartment, played a lot other games and overall been busy with life, so naturally my online ranking has been low in Dead by Daylight, as has been my time for playing the game. You can also see from the screenshot above that I have only played Dead by Daylight for 10.7 hours past two weeks, my profile page is public so everyone can see it also.

I was rank 13 and ranked up to 12 from that game, survivor ranks were 15, 10, 18 and BullyHunter_69 had 14 so that was fairly balanced.

Normally I would be rank 1 but I am still not so sure about this ranking system, haven’t really had the time to play much to see how it’s like or what rank I would be now with the new ranking system. And no, I do not derank on purpose for easier games, I like the challenge.

Easy -rep on DbD

76561198261444821 wanted me to save while killer was camping. I didn’t know if the killer had NOED or not but I knew I didn’t have borrowed time.

So I went to the hook, even while he kept doing the “killer is camping” emote. I tried to lure the killer away by opening the exit gates hoping the killer would chase me and others could save but..

I realized (and too late too) that other survivors had left the game.
I kept trying to lure the killer away from the hook so I could try to save without getting blink grabbed off the hook – or fall down before I manage to unhook.

I didn’t get the save and the killer camped way too close to the hook, so instead of being mad at the others who left he whines at me in-game and writes this to my profile page.

Here is a quick 4 minute video of the incident.

Thank you Dead by Daylight (game) for getting all these wonderful people commenting on my profile!

I even had profile comments disabled for years and I decided to open up them just for people like this.

The case of harshk

So.. I got asked to play for someone else using their Steam account.

I didn’t know what it was for or why he asked me, or even how he found about me.. So I played along to see where it was going. At first he asked me to play using my own account. I was busy with life and had recently moved to another apartment so I was nowhere close of rank 1 because of the monthly resets. I played a game as rank 9 killer, I depipped. He said I played well and had thought for some reason that I had actually pipped in that game.

Then he asked me if I could play one game on his Steam account, I didn’t ask questions and agreed. He was rank 1 killer so I thought he wanted to see me playing at the rank. This game was to be uploaded to Youtube, which I did – you can find the video here. I killed 3 out of 4 because one of them lost connection, either a game bug or due to me being cautious and using a VPN to protect my IP address because the owner of that Steam account got the IP address from an email automatically when I logged in.

Yes, I know.. You are not supposed to share, transfer or use another persons Steam account but I assumed it was only for the rank difference and he really wanted to see me playing at rank 1. And what’s the harm? He already had rank 1 and I only played one game, versus rank 1-3s. It was fair game either way and I didn’t touch his Steam account in any other way. Didn’t even check his recovery email address. He asked me to family share his Steam library with my Steam account but I refused and didn’t link our accounts.

Then he asked me to play again on his account at impossible hours like 6 am my local time when I would be asleep. Then again at 18:10 my local time when I could of in theory done it but was still on the fence if I should risk it by logging to someone elses Steam account yet another time. That could have severe risks to my own Steam accounts, if Valve were to say I stole his account or something similar.

Then few hours later I went on the Dead by Daylight Steam discussions boards as usual where I try to help people having trouble with the game and learn more about the game, and to keep up with recent issues and events.

It finally hit me, I were to play as him versus some popular person I am guessing, I really have no idea about streamers since I never watch any live streams of any games. I only try to stream my own gameplay to friends and other people who might be interested in my playing, after all it’s all public and open to everyone.

So I just wanted to tell the truth about what happened to me on one of the forum threads about this particular person.. And as usual I didn’t really know how he would feel about it. Sorry!

Here are the threads about this whole thing, at least the ones I could find with ease.

And here is what happened next..

I am sorry harshk but you only got yourself into this and I simply told some people what did happen, truthfully.

Getting blocked for no reason #2

User 76561198127768020 blocked me for no reason. This however wasn’t that long of a block and it seems if I stop moving they stop blocking faster.

Getting blocked for no reason

This seems to happen often to me so I figured I’ll start uploading a video of them from now on..

I haven’t seen the player 76561198133786960 before and for no reason they just blocked me in for minutes and then didn’t save me or anyone else from the hook during rest of the game.

Dead by Daylight in-game reporting is broken

At this moment it seems that reporting in-game on Dead by Daylight is broken.

If you need to report someone for rule breaking (not because they killed you or teabagged you) you need to use The Player Report Form.

And no, there isn’t any notice anywhere about the in-game reporting being broken. There are no forum thread(s) or notice(s) in-game. And it would be nice if there were some notice about this somewhere!

The only source I can find for this is here,

Are you trolling me?

No, you need go back to school and learn English to understand what I am saying to you..

Link to the person’s profile page, 76561198301856664.

How to have a conversation in Dead by Daylight
  • Insult the other person
  • Tell them you insulted them because of a bug what they have no control over
  • If they answer anything to you ask if they are trolling you
  • Leave and stop the conversation with that person

There is a well known bug in the Dead by Daylight, well maybe not that known after all?

Anyways the bug is that if only 3 out of the 4 survivors make into the game from the lobby sometimes the game can randomly show that you must finish 5 generators for the exit gates to become powered for some but not all survivors in that one game. After finishing one generator however the number changes from 5 to 3 skipping the number 4. So in reality you only have to finish 4 generators instead of the full amount of 5, because you are missing one survivor from the game.

Seems like the bug still isn’t fixed, I filed a bug report myself about this bug back in 7 Nov, 2017 @ 5:36pm. The bug report can be found here.