76561198261444821 wanted me to save while killer was camping. I didn’t know if the killer had NOED or not but I knew I didn’t have borrowed time.

So I went to the hook, even while he kept doing the “killer is camping” emote. I tried to lure the killer away by opening the exit gates hoping the killer would chase me and others could save but..

I realized (and too late too) that other survivors had left the game.
I kept trying to lure the killer away from the hook so I could try to save without getting blink grabbed off the hook – or fall down before I manage to unhook.

I didn’t get the save and the killer camped way too close to the hook, so instead of being mad at the others who left he whines at me in-game and writes this to my profile page.

Here is a quick 4 minute video of the incident.

Thank you Dead by Daylight (game) for getting all these wonderful people commenting on my profile!

I even had profile comments disabled for years and I decided to open up them just for people like this.