So.. I got asked to play for someone else using their Steam account.

I didn’t know what it was for or why he asked me, or even how he found about me.. So I played along to see where it was going. At first he asked me to play using my own account. I was busy with life and had recently moved to another apartment so I was nowhere close of rank 1 because of the monthly resets. I played a game as rank 9 killer, I depipped. He said I played well and had thought for some reason that I had actually pipped in that game.

Then he asked me if I could play one game on his Steam account, I didn’t ask questions and agreed. He was rank 1 killer so I thought he wanted to see me playing at the rank. This game was to be uploaded to Youtube, which I did – you can find the video here. I killed 3 out of 4 because one of them lost connection, either a game bug or due to me being cautious and using a VPN to protect my IP address because the owner of that Steam account got the IP address from an email automatically when I logged in.

Yes, I know.. You are not supposed to share, transfer or use another persons Steam account but I assumed it was only for the rank difference and he really wanted to see me playing at rank 1. And what’s the harm? He already had rank 1 and I only played one game, versus rank 1-3s. It was fair game either way and I didn’t touch his Steam account in any other way. Didn’t even check his recovery email address. He asked me to family share his Steam library with my Steam account but I refused and didn’t link our accounts.

Then he asked me to play again on his account at impossible hours like 6 am my local time when I would be asleep. Then again at 18:10 my local time when I could of in theory done it but was still on the fence if I should risk it by logging to someone elses Steam account yet another time. That could have severe risks to my own Steam accounts, if Valve were to say I stole his account or something similar.

Then few hours later I went on the Dead by Daylight Steam discussions boards as usual where I try to help people having trouble with the game and learn more about the game, and to keep up with recent issues and events.

It finally hit me, I were to play as him versus some popular person I am guessing, I really have no idea about streamers since I never watch any live streams of any games. I only try to stream my own gameplay to friends and other people who might be interested in my playing, after all it’s all public and open to everyone.

So I just wanted to tell the truth about what happened to me on one of the forum threads about this particular person.. And as usual I didn’t really know how he would feel about it. Sorry!

Here are the threads about this whole thing, at least the ones I could find with ease.

And here is what happened next..

I am sorry harshk but you only got yourself into this and I simply told some people what did happen, truthfully.