Follow up to First problems with Logitech G933 post.

The problem persisted and got slightly worse where the headset wouldn’t fully turn off anymore. If I were to turn off the headset, unplug the USB cable and wireless receiver the headset would still be in some sense turned on, the led lights would be constantly turned on in red color and sometimes turn off and back on by itself without plugging it or the receiver to the PC all while it’s turned off.

So I tried contacting their support via email ticketing system and was told to reset the device and re-install firmware, which I had already done and it did not work. So after I confirmed with them that it does not solve the issue I have they just offered to send me a new device altogether, again. After all this G933 was a warranty replace for my broken G930.

I wonder what happens if the new G933 breaks as well.. Do they just keep sending me new ones or can I just ask for a refund and switch to another brand.