Why does everyone think I work for Valve/Steam if I post a lot stuff to the forums? (98% help others, 1% useless junk, 1% asking help myself)
I will be posting Steam chat logs here from such cases..

Below is chat log from user http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198093602036 from 27.5.2014, he added me.

Never tell your password to anyone.
16:08 – λhmλdツ: hi bro
16:08 – Slay___: Hello, why did you add me?
16:08 – λhmλdツ: man i have this problam
16:08 – λhmλdツ: Kicked by Console : Account is Untrusted
16:08 – λhmλdツ: How To fix
16:08 – λhmλdツ: it ?
16:09 – Slay___: It’s a pending VAC ban.
VAC bans are permanent.
There is no “fix”.
If you want you can ask Steam Support why you got it but they rarely say what caused it, they just confirm it if it is for a reason.
https://support.steampowered.com/register.php (not same as your Steam login)
16:09 – λhmλdツ: oh ok
16:10 – λhmλdツ: thnak u
16:10 – Slay___: No problem.
16:10 – λhmλdツ: but
16:10 – λhmλdツ: some body reported
16:10 – λhmλdツ: for me
16:10 – λhmλdツ: and im didn’t use eny cheat
16:10 – Slay___: Reporting doesn’t get you banned, cheating does.
Many people report me for various reasons on a frequent basis and I’m not banned and never been banned.
16:11 – λhmλdツ: will talk with steam support Thank You For Help